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Data set: "BOGOLAN ROLL" Tufted carpet with recycled content (00.01.000)

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"BOGOLAN ROLL" Tufted carpet with recycled content
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02 Building products / Floor coverings / Floor coverings
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Scope: The declaration applies for the tufted carpet "BOGOLAN ROLL", produced in the Balsan manufacturing site Arthon, France. It is only valid in conjunction with a valid PRODIS licence. System boundary: Type of the EPD: Cradle to grave System boundaries of the modules A, B, C, D: A1-A3 Production: Energy supply and production of the basic material, processing of secondary material, auxiliary material, transport of the material to the manufacturing site, emissions, waste water treatment, packaging material and waste processing up to the landfill of residual waste (except radioactive waste). Credits for electricity and steam from the incineration of production waste are aggregated. A4 Transport: Transport of the packed textile floorcovering from manufacturing gate to the place of installation. A5 Installation: Installation of the textile floorcovering, production and transport of auxiliary material, waste processing up to the landfill of residual waste (except radioactive waste), the production of the amount of carpet that occurs as installation waste incl. its transport to the place of installation. Credits for electricity and steam from the incineration of packaging and installation waste leave the product system. B1 Use: Indoor emissions during the use stage. Due to known VOC-decay curves of the product after the first year no product related VOC-emissions are relevant. B2 Maintenance: Cleaning of the textile floor covering for a period of 1 year: Vacuum cleaning – electricity supply Wet cleaning – electricity, water consumption, production of the cleaning agent, waste water treatment. The declared values in this module have to be multiplied with the assumed service life of the floor covering in the building considered. B3 - B7: The modules are not relevant and therefore not declared. C1 De-construction: De-construction of the floorcovering is made by handcraft and causes no additional impacts. C2 Transport: Transport of the carpet waste to landfill, to the municipal waste incineration (MWI) or to the waste collection for recycling. C3 Waste processing: C3-0, C3-1: Landfill and waste incineration need no waste processing. C3-2: Collection of the carpet waste, waste processing (granulating). C4 Disposal C4-0, C4-1: Impacts from landfill or from waste incineration (credits leave the system boundaries), C4-2: The processed carpet waste leaves the system and need no disposal. D Recycling potential: D-0, D-1: Energy credits from landfill and from waste incineration (processing with < 60% efficiency), D-2: Transport from the reprocessing plant to the cement plant, substitution of material and fuel input in the cement kiln (substantial and energetic credits).
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Tufted loop pile carpet with solution dyed polyamide 6 fibres (76 % recycled content), a polypropylene primary backing and a woven polypropylene backing. The recycled content (post- and pre-consumer) out of total weight account for 26,4 %. According to EN 1307 the carpet tiles fulfill the requirements for luxury class LC1.
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According to the use class as defined in EN 1307 the products can be used in all professional area which require class 33 or less.
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ILCD Format 1.1
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