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Data set: 1 m2 Alpha Sectional door ALU 40 with wicket door (00.03.000)

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1 m2 Alpha Sectional door ALU 40 with wicket door
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02 Building products / Doors, windows, shutters, and related products / Windows and doors
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Scope: This Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is valid for Alpha sectional doors of the type ALU 40. The production facilities are located in Didam (NL). The life cycle assessment is representative for the products introduced in the declaration for the given system boundaries. System boundary: Type of the EPD: cradle-to-gate. The production of the materials (steel, plastics, aluminiums, coating etc.) and also the motor-parts and other electronic components are modelled in A1. The transportation (road and sea) from the suppliers to Alpha deuren is modelled in A2. The assembly of the doors (energy use) and the packaging (including the production and transportation of the packaging materials) is modelled in A3. The generation of electricity and heat is modelled in A3. For the option coating is also the coatingprocesses and the emissions of non-methane volatile organic compounds to air modelled in A3. Production waste from A3 is modelled following the Dutch defaults for waste scenario’s (see 4.1.3). This modelling results in components for reuse, materials for recycling. According to EN 15804 (CEN 2013) the end-of-life system boundary of the construction product system is set where outputs of the system under study, e.g. materials, products or construction elements, have reached the end-of-waste state. Therefore, waste processing of the material flows (e.g. undergoing recovery or recycling processes) during any module of the product system (e.g. during the production stage, use stage or end-of-life stage) are included up to the system boundary of the respective module. For all phases A1-A3 also processing up to the end-of-waste state or disposal of final residues not leaving the factory gate with the product, are included.
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Sectional doors, type ALU 40, constructed from extruded aluminium sections fitted with 20 mm PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) double glazing. The panels are 40 mm thick and available in heights varying between 366 and 732 mm. The horizontal seal retaining profile on the top section is made from aluminium, or supplied with a spray painted finish (optional). These ALU sections can be combined with insulated, steel-skinned ISO panels. Surface treatment The panels are supplied as standard with an anodised finish or painted with primer in RAL 9002. They can also be painted in a RAL colour chosen by the customer. This option is covered in the EPD for Sectional door ALU 40 with coating. Track systems are made of 1.7 mm thick, closed steel angle profiles fitted with roller tracks made of 1.7 mm thick galvanised steel. The door hardware is attached using electrolytically galvanised self-tapping screws with a knurled integral lock-washer. The rollers feature nylon wheels and an 11 mm galvanised steel shaft. The door leaf is balanced via torsion springs and hung on steel cables with a safety factor of 6. Manually operated doors are supplied with a plastic handle and foot plate in the bottom section and a steel shoot bolt, or an optional cylinder lock. Draft seals are fitted around the periphery of the door leaf: top, side and floor seals made from EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) seals between the panels made from EPDM Operators The industrial sectional door can be operated manually by pull cord or chain hoist. Optionally it can be supplied with an electric drive. This option is covered in the EPD for Sectional door ALU40 with electric drive. Safety emergency chain hoist and emergency drive disconnect up to operator height in the case of electric drives cable break safety and/or slack cable safety spring break safety lift-up prevention finger pinch safety Wicket doors The industrial sectional door is supplied with an integral wicket door or a pass door next to the sectional door. The option with a wicket door is covered in this EPD.
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Novoferm Nederland B.V.
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Alpha industrial sectional doors are used in private homes, agricultural buildings, industrial buildings and non-residential buildings.For the application and use the respective national provisions apply. The space-saving industrial sectional door can be fitted to both outdoor and indoor walls. The ALU 40 sectional door is assembled from aluminium panels with a working height of between 366 and 732 mm. When the door is opened, the sections slide back under the roof. The weight of the door leaf is balanced using torsion springs to allow manual operation. In addition to the standard lift track system, high lift, vertical lift, roof following and low headroom systems are available. The industrial sectional door complies with /EN 13241-1/ (products without smoke control and fire resistant characteristics).
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